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Extend the Life of Your Concrete Driveway & Outdoor Patio

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Let us turn your concrete driveway and garage pad into a masterpiece that will be around for years to come.

Decorative Patios and Decks


Make your next BBQ or gathering the talk of the neighborhood with our Decorative Concrete Patios and Decks.

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Let us help you make sure the steps or concrete staircase meets Calgary city code and keep safety a priority at your home.

Patriarch Construction - Family Legacy Story of a Calgary Concrete Company!

Patriarch Construction is a Landmark Concrete Companies in Calgary. We say this because it has been family-owned over four generations, spanning more than a few decades. Representing the current fourth generation is the 15-years veteran, Leonardo Aiello.

With this level of experience and tradition, you can be sure of one thing: We know concrete better than any other Calgary Concrete Contractors. Aside from a few innovations, we are highly trained in Concrete techniques that are proven and tested. But being good at what we do involves more than just creating forms and pouring cement.

Angles, curves and other designs require more math, thought, and planning. However, we’re not afraid of some extra work. To be sure, we’ve had plenty of practice in this area, so we don’t need our hands to be held through the process. 

When it comes to working with different materials, we are quite adaptable and versatile. You may be familiar with a design feature called Decorative & Stamp Patterns, where a creative concrete company will take the pattern, usually in the form of a stencil, and press it into the cement before it dries. It’s a very popular feature amongst technologically advanced and versatile concrete companies, and we’ve done more than our share of these. If you would like to see some examples, please go to our “Concrete Projects” page or check out our “Decorative Stamped Patterns” page.

Patriarch Construction Calgary Concrete Contractors Willowfern Patio Staircase Exposed Aggregate After

We’ve been taught a great deal, both about concrete and the business of concrete. Whether working with unusual angles or curves or resolving customers’ issues, we’re not rookies by any means. We’ve set the bar high for concrete companies in the Calgary area.

With the passing on of the torch also comes passing on the reputation that the Aiello family has worked so long and hard to earn. Our success has in no way gone to our head, so the confidence we have is also balanced with a focus on customer satisfaction. With a growing list of glowing reviews, both as commercial concrete contractors as well as residential driveway paving contractors, it appears that we have achieved that balance.


Family Owned Across 4 Generations, This is What Happy Clients Have to Say About The Most Prominent Calgary Concrete Companies...

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What's Near Patriarch Concrete Company in Calgary, Alberta?

Patriarch Concrete Calgary is strategically located to serve the NE & NW neighbourhoods of Calgary. We are only 5 minutes from Northwest Auto Mall and The City of Calgary Landfills Spyhill in NW Calgary.

Our patrons interested in Calgary concrete consider us as one of the best, most complete, and nearest Concrete Contractors for the NE Calgary communities such as Country Hills, Harvest Hills, Coventry Hills, Redstone & Skyview Ranch.

The nearby NW Calgary communities are Citadel, Royal Oak, Royal Vista, Rocky Ridge, Tuscany, Arbour Lake, Crowfoot Crossing, Ranchlands, Hawkwood, Edgemont, Hamptons, Sherwood, Simons Valley, Kincora, Nolan Hill, Sage Hill & Evanston.

We serve many communities in and around Calgary such as Panorama Hills, Bearspa, Scenic Acres, Ranchlands, Silver Springs, Varsity, Brentwood, Dalhousie, Huntington Hills, West Springs, Aspen Woods, Springbank Hill, Signal Hill, and even Airdrie.


We know Calgary concrete like no other concrete company in Calgary. Let’s work together on your next project, whether it is the concrete driveway, concrete patio, a concrete sidewalk project, or concrete repairs. Get in touch with one of the best Calgary concrete companies in Alberta and get the peace of mind you need for your next project!