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Patriarch Construction has been specializing as Calgary concrete contractors for 4 generations. With such a legacy, you can be sure that we know the concrete contracting business well. Over the years, as a Calgary concrete company, our customers have asked us many questions, but these questions seem to frequent the most.

The Most Common and Frequently Asked Questions Asked To Concrete Contractors

Driveways typically lasts 15-20 years with proper yearly maintenance.

Concrete garage floor generally costs $12.00-$14.00 per square foot.

Concrete driveway replacement costs $12.00-$14.00 per square foot.

We generally recommend not repairing concrete as it does not get to the root of the problem. The better option is to replace section or area of damaged concrete.

No. Exposed aggregate concrete is not slippery given that we stick to one application of sealer annually.

Exposed aggregate is generally around $14.00 a square foot, based on a variety of situational factors. Call us at (403) 862-0449 to discuss your project.

All costs are contingent on square footage.

Exposed aggregate driveway is a decorative concrete driveway, where the top layer is blasted off to expose the look of the small rocks in the concrete mix.

  • Exposed aggregate driveways are preferred opposed to brushed finished driveways because they have extra protection against our cold winters. Included is one application of 25% acrylic high gloss sealer which protects the concrete against the winters.
  • Brushed concrete is a standard finish mainly used for functional use.

Exposed aggregate driveways need to be sealed once a year each September. This way the concrete driveway is protected throughout winter.

Stamped concrete needs to be sealed once every two years, or more frequently if desired for aesthetic purposes.

General cost of sealing concrete is about $2.00-$3.00 per square foot. It could make for a great DIY project as well. If you are looking for residential paving contractors or need to talk about residential driveway paving then call us at (403) 862-0449.

The best sealer for concrete is a 20-25% acrylic high gloss sealer.

The strength of concrete after 7 days is about 25% cured as it takes approximately 28 days to completely cure

We use 32 MPA concrete due to the extreme weather in Calgary, Alberta. This type of concrete is extremely durable during harsh winter conditions.

The highest strength of concrete is 50 MPA. This concrete is sulfur resistant and generally recommended on acreages, rural areas or outside of city locations. For your next construction project. Call Calgary concrete contractors at (403) 862-0449.

It takes 28 days for concrete to completely cure and achieve 100 percent strength. Call Calgary concrete company at (403) 862-0449.

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