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Is Exposed Concrete Good for My Patio?

If you have been looking into putting in a patio behind your Calgary home, you may have heard about exposed concrete. So, you have been wondering, “Is exposed concrete good for my patio?” The short answer is, yes. Exposed concrete can be an excellent choice for a concrete patio. Here is a bit of information about just what exposed concrete is as well as your various alternatives for a concrete backyard patio. What Is Exposed […]



Exposed Aggregate Driveway Built In 2 Days

How to Pour a Concrete Floor for an Existing Garage

You notice that the concrete floor in your garage is in need of replacement. But you may be a bit anxious about the project, because you may have to it yourself to save money. We got you covered. So here is a basic process for pouring your concrete floor: Step 1: Clean Your Existing Floor Let’s assume that you’re pouring over an existing cement floor and that there will be no height issues by your […]