AreteFor the Romans, they had the ability to take others ideas, and execute them in a better way. History has it, that while the Greeks were excellent, they were fighting amongst themselves, but the Romans found strength in numbers and were totally united in something bigger than themselves, and would become unstoppable. The power of #Arete. To be a certified force for the good, by creating wealth and success by uniting with other people who want to do the same thing.
Our clients here had a few problems, and we had the solutions. The original home came with a patio that shot out 6 feet from the house. Not much of a patio if I say so myself…
1️⃣ Build two steps at 32 feet long to step down onto their new exposed aggregate patio.
2️⃣ Create a second tier patio so our clients can actually have some space for a BBQ, patio set and other everyday patio items.
3️⃣ Apply 25 % acrylic high gloss sealer to the entire project, to do the best we can to blend in the new concrete.
Patriarch Construction, what can we do for you???