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Experienced Commercial Concrete Contractors Calgary

When a company plans a concrete job, it most often is a project of considerable magnitude. Whether it’s a concrete parking lot or a foundation for your new building, you want to deal exclusively with the best of commercial concrete contractors.

After all, it’s not just about the concrete they’re going to pour. A commercial project has other facets attached to it, such as permits and other legalities. There may be several cement trucks involved in the pours, which need to be coordinated and timed just right so that the load doesn’t harden.

Not to be forgotten is the need for quality concrete. If the mix is not right, especially if it involves a building’s structure, it could mean the difference between having a secure building and dealing with possible fatalities if it collapses.

These are just a few of the many details to oversee in such a project. We at Patriarch Construction understand those things, and we’re fully equipped shoulder the responsibility.

Trusted & Reliable Commercial Contractors

As concrete companies go in Calgary, ours has pretty much seen it all and done it all. Patriarch Construction is the brainchild of the Aiello family, currently led by fourth-generation owner Leonardo Aiello. With that much tradition and experience behind us, including countless commercial projects, we can say that your trust in us is vital to us and rest assured that it will never be misplaced.

Our crews and staff have the privilege of being handed the time-tested training and expertise that has made Patriarch Construction one of the model paving contractors in the Calgary service area.

We can’t deny that some of our techniques have experienced some innovation. However, that has had no adverse effect on our list of satisfied customers – it has only helped enlarge the list.

Part of the reason we have such an extensive list is due to the unmatched customer service we instill in our staff. Our customers and clients are the lifeblood of our business, so we go the extra mile to take care of them.

In the case of existing concrete, it could be that you require concrete resurfacing. For example, a walkway in front of your building could prove to be a hazard and a liability if the surface is damaged. It could develop pits or chipped to the point that people can’t walk safely on them.

This too is an area where we can be of massive assistance. Pouring new concrete may not be necessary, but we will evaluate it nonetheless. If not, then we will make sure your walkway is once again safe for employees and clients to walk on.

Whatever your project and whatever the size of it, we invite you or your project manager to contact us at (403) 862-0449 to see how we can help you with your commercial concrete projects.

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