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Business owners that are concerned with providing a comfortable environment for their customers should get commercial patio umbrellas. Commercial patio umbrellas are reliable solutions to protecting your customers from the sun.

To get the best commercial patio umbrellas, you need to consider some basic features and design elements.

Your Ultimate Commercial Patio Umbrellas Buying Guide

Before picking up your new commercial outdoor umbrella, there are some simple features you should consider. Start with these simple tips, and you’ll correctly choose the outdoor umbrella that best suits your need.


No one wants to spend a big chunk of money on an item that will not stand the test of time. When choosing your umbrella, you need to decide how long you want the umbrella to last. Choosing a rugged, heavy-duty patio umbrella will save you money, and you do not have to worry if it’ll breakdown while you’re relaxing or attending to customers under it.

Our commercial patio umbrellas are very durable and can last better than most alternatives.


Patio umbrellas are made from several materials, but the best ones are made out of woven acrylic tops and UV shade cloth. High-quality patio fabrics are water-resistant, fade-resistant, mildew resistant, and are cleanable with soap, water, and bleach.

A high-quality fabric outdoor umbrella ensures that your guests and customers enjoy maximum protection from the sun.

Frame or Pole

Patio umbrella frames are mostly made from one of three materials, namely wood, aluminum, and fiberglass. Most consumer-grade patio umbrellas use aluminum frames because it is the most ideal for residential use.

However, for commercial outdoor umbrellas, you should insist on buying one with high-quality stainless steel. Commercial use is more demanding than residential use; hence, you need an umbrella that is durable under demanding conditions.

Wind Rating

If your business is located in a windy area, you stand a risk of exposing yourself and your customers to danger if your umbrella is made up of low-quality materials. You should choose an umbrella with a high wind resistance capacity. The umbrella should also be compliant with the American Society of Civil Engineers (ACSE) 7-02 standard.


For businesses that have a brand color, choosing a patio umbrella that complements your brand can be a means of advertisement. You can also choose ones with extensive colors and unique pattern customization to sell your business to people from afar. You might not be so concerned about color if you don’t have a brand color yet, but if you’re looking to have one in the nearest future, it might be best you put the color into consideration now.


Your pocket size matters a lot when choosing an outdoor umbrella. Commercial patio umbrellas may be more expensive than the regular residential patio umbrellas. In most cases, the more the quality of the umbrella, the more expensive it will likely be.

An average commercial patio umbrella may be costlier than the best patio umbrellas for your backyard. However, you’ll find that the investment is usually worth it in the long run; still, you should consider the price.

Location of the Business and How You plan to Use Your New Umbrellas

The site where you’re planning to use the umbrella also matters. If you plan to use your new commercial patio umbrellas around kids’ playgrounds, sports parks, or community pools, you can get an umbrella with a more modern design. You can get an outdoor umbrella customized with sport team logos or kids’ favorite cartoon characters.

If your business is located along a hotel, resort, or pool, an umbrella with a high-aesthetic is what you need. For businesses located along a water park, you should consider picking up a commercial patio umbrella with large canopies that can provide shade for families and groups. You should also choose ones that can resist water, harsh chemicals, and long-term sun exposure.

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Commercial Patio Umbrellas

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