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Concrete sidewalk contractors in Calgary

Having a good, solid concrete sidewalk is not simply for aesthetics. It can be a matter of safety. With the extreme winter weather we have to endure in Calgary, frost can get inside and any moisture can freeze, causing the concrete to buckle or crack. This could be a potential liability if someone was injured because of it.

As is usually the case, the job wasn’t done right the first time. For the record, we are not exaggerating the problem; it has unfortunately been our observation during visits to customers looking to fix a job badly done.

So turn to a company who will do the job right.

Sidewalks Done Right by Patriarch Construction in Calgary

Among concrete contractors services, we at Patriarch Construction stand out among the crowd. Headed by a fourth-generation family owner and mason-extraordinaire, we are carrying on a concrete legacy and empire that has spanned decades. We pride ourselves on superior craftsmanship and we have produced innovations in concrete techniques. This dedication has earned us tremendous respect in the concrete industry as a model contractor. We have excelled in residential concrete. Calgary customers have raved about our work, resulting in countless referrals and an extended list of satisfied customers.

Patriarch Construction – Calgary’s Premier Sidewalk Contractor

At Patriarch Construction, we take concrete seriously, but we can do more than just pour a square slab and hit the road.

You might want more than standard brush finish for your walkway design. Many contractors shy away from curves or other irregular shapes. It doesn’t faze us a bit. It’s more work, but our long-standing reputation should prove that we are not afraid of work. We will work with you to accommodate whatever design you like.

If your home is on a small mound or hill, then your concrete walkway will need special attention. The cement walkway design may dictate that it would be poured on a slope. The good news is that we have extensive experience pouring concrete sidewalks on a slope.

In concrete sidewalk construction, the forms always need to be reinforced, whatever their shape may be. We can’t imagine contractors ignoring this. However, in view of what we’ve seen in projects we’ve had to fix, maybe it shouldn’t surprise us.

The point is, concrete sidewalk reinforcement is a key element to a successful pour. As far as we’re concerned, it will not be ignored.

Sidewalk Repairs Performed To Satisfaction by Calgary’s Patriarch Construction

As we briefly mentioned, some projects occasionally go wrong, moving customers to call us for some concrete repair. In most cases, this is because of poor workmanship. If it were done correctly, to begin with, repairs would not be necessary.

However, not all repairs are due to contractor error. Tree roots can grow underneath walkways and eventually raise them out of the ground. Tornadoes can throw heavy objects a long way. If those objects landed hard enough on a sidewalk, they can break it easily.

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