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Concrete Steps Calgary

Most homes have concrete stairs installed at their front doors. Other homeowners use concrete steps as a base for other premium finishes, such as marble or other decorative tiles. Whatever the case, you’ll want to entrust the job to a contractor that knows their stuff.

It’s not simply about making sure the steps or concrete staircase meets code. You want it to look good too. Is it even possible to find a contractor that will do an excellent job while making sure it satisfies the code?

We not only think it’s possible; it’s a done deal with us at Patriarch Construction. Contact us to get your steps or staircase project going.

Steps & Staircases Of Excellence by Calgary’s Patriarch Construction

Leonardo Aiello, a fourth-generation owner, has trained us to carry the torch for excellence in concrete staircase construction in the city of Calgary. We at Patriarch Construction are more than just a good concrete contractor; we are craftsmen who take our job seriously. Our techniques and methods are the products of innovations that keep us in front of the competition. This includes steps and staircases. While most of our work in this area involves concrete staircases residential, we are fully equipped to serve commercial customers for their concrete stair designs. Forming steps is practically an art form, and we have this art in our blood. We know it has to be done correctly to minimize cracking and other things that can go wrong if it isn’t done right. When possible, we may be able to supply residential precast concrete stairs, so those issues won’t be a concern at all. Call Patriarch Construction today to discuss your project with us.

Complex Steps & Staircases – Leave It To Calgary’s Best, Patriarch Construction

We also have occasion to execute more complex concrete staircase design. Homes are quite often built on a small hill or mound, and sometimes the only way to the front entrance is across the yard – uphill. This can be quite inconvenient, especially in the winter time.

For this reason, concrete steps on a slope are the answer. Of course, this is not a simple undertaking, but we at Patriarch Construction have the training and experience to get it done – and done right!

Some customers enjoy the look of bullnose (a decorative, slight overhang on the top of each step)on vinyl, wood or laminate products. However, it is also to create bullnose concrete steps. You can have the strength and durability of concrete with the style usually associated with other flooring options.

You can be sure that whatever your step or staircase project is, you can count on us. Give us a call at Patriarch Construction and we’ll take care of you.

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