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Exposed Aggregate Concrete Calgary

Posted: June 8 2022 More and more customers are steering away from simple, straight-ahead concrete pours. They want something different, like exposed aggregate concrete. Calgary has an exhaustive list of concrete companies who offer this as a decorative concrete option.

However, doing exposed aggregate involves more than simply pouring a slab. There is some finesse to the work, and from our observation, it’s missing from many finished projects we’ve seen. In other words, not everyone does it right.

This is where we at Patriarch Construction enter the picture.

Patriarch Construction – Calgary’s Exposed Aggregate Authority

We are not just a concrete contractor – we are among the foremost of exposed aggregate contractors. Of course, that wouldn’t be possible without the expertise and direction of the company owner, Leonardo Aiello. That being said, to say that we are well-trained is an understatement. And we aim to carry on this four generation-long legacy and maintain the stellar reputation we’ve worked so hard to earn. We are on the minds of our competition as well. They know about our work for sure, as we have set a high standard for concrete contractors. Our quality is enviable. Bottom line: If you select us for your exposed aggregate concrete project, you’ll have no worries about getting the job done right, and at a level of quality that will exceed your expectations. If you’re eager to find that out for yourselves, please give us a call today.

Get Your Exposed Aggregate Pavers at Patriarch Construction in Calgary

Exposed aggregate concrete is a strong, attractive option for decorative concrete design. Pavers also offer durability and can be arranged in a variety of appealing patterns. By themselves, each is a great choice for your concrete driveway , sidewalk or patio.

On occasion, two great ideas can be combined to create a greater one that takes concrete design to a new level. You can now choose exposed aggregate pavers for your project to combine the durability of pavers with the stunning finish of exposed aggregate. They will definitely bring the “wow factor” to your project.

Calgary’s Patriarch Construction – Your #1 Choice For Exposed Aggregate

At Patriarch Construction, we have access to many varieties of this stylish type of pavers, exposed aggregate, and countless other products. With all the available options you can get a truly custom look that will be your own. We also take pride in our work to ensure that the finished product will take your breath away.

As one of the senior concrete contractors in Calgary, we invite you to bring your project ideas to us. Our techniques are the envy of the industry; our workmanship is second-to-none; our commitment to our customers is as much a decades-old tradition as it is a reason to work with us. Give us a call anytime during our normal business hours. We’ll bring results that you won’t forget!

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