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Hydraulic Pumps Repair

If you need hydraulics repair services, discover how Rebellion can offer you turnkey solutions. Rebellion is staffed with the best in the industry when it comes to hydraulic pump repairs and maintenance. We can repair any types of hydraulic pumps, valves, motors, and cylinders.

We are a leader in hydraulic pump parts and components repair services on a global scale. For optimum performance, you need to choose a company that will inspect, repair, and tests your hydraulic system, and we have that ability to provide that.

Unique testing rig

To make sure you receive the optimum performance from your hydraulic system when we return it, we have special hydraulic testing equipment to ensure we deliver the best results. With a unique testing rig, our hydraulic testing can be done at various pressures and speeds to emulate the actual working conditions the hydraulic part will be subjected to. Moreover, all the fluid we use is filtered to guarantee purity and prevent any form of contamination at the last stage.

Latest techniques and equipment

Since we are dedicated to offering our customers the highest quality service, we use the latest equipment, techniques, and materials in the industry. By using the latest technologies, we are able to provide our customers with a hydraulic repair service that is not matched in our industry. When our customer’s hydraulic equipment leaves our facility, it will either meet or exceed the original quality and specifications.

Turnkey services

We are committed to turnkey services, which include everything from evaluation to quality control testing. Our technicians at every step will work with you to make sure you receive your hydraulic parts in a quicker timeline and receive bespoke service. With Rebellion, you won’t have to contact separate hydraulic repair services and parts stores but will speak with a knowledgeable technician to receive turnkey support. We don’t charge evaluation fees, so you can fully understand the scope of the hydraulic repair solution before committing financially.

Parts and replacement service

Our huge network of Hydraulic part suppliers means that not only can we provide hydraulic repairs in the shortest time possible, we also carry a wide range of spare parts that we can supply when required for the repairs our clients can complete on their own. And when the hydraulic repair is not feasible, we can also supply a range of the new and reconditioned unit. More importantly, all the products we deliver are fully tested.


Sourcing and acquiring hydraulic parts with the minimum cost is vital, and that is what we offer. We are a reputable hydraulic repair company that offers advice on the best course of action, which makes it easier for us to offer a low hydraulic pump price. Moreover, we maintain a stock of hydraulic parts to make the process smoother.

Whether you need basic or complex hydraulic repair services, there is no work too challenging for our knowledgeable and experienced service team. If you need hydraulic maintenance or repair service, contact us for hydraulic pump repairs: 780-897-7367.

Hydraulic Pumps Repair

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