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Is Exposed Concrete Good for My Patio?

If you have been looking into putting in a patio behind your Calgary home, you may have heard about exposed concrete. So, you have been wondering, “Is exposed concrete good for my patio?” The short answer is, yes. Exposed concrete can be an excellent choice for a concrete patio. Here is a bit of information about just what exposed concrete is as well as your various alternatives for a concrete backyard patio.

What Is Exposed Concrete?

What is “exposed” in exposed concrete is the aggregate (rocks, stones, or pebbles). Thus, it is also referred to as exposed aggregate concrete. It is a decorative concrete surface that is very durable and skid-resistant. Exposed concrete is often used for driveways, pool decks, and sidewalks, as well as patios.

There are three ways that we can create an exposed concrete surface for your patio.

  • Monolithic exposed concrete is made by mixing the aggregate, usually small pebbles (Pea Stone) into the concrete. This method is the most commonly used.
  • Seeded exposed concrete is created by mixing and pouring the concrete first and then placing the aggregate on top by “broadcasting” or placing it by hand.
  • Overlay exposed concrete is when we add to the top of an existing concrete surface. If the surface is in good shape, we will mix aggregate into a topping material or overlay. This is a nice way to spruce up the look of an existing concrete patio.

The end result is a concrete surface that is textured enough to prevent the sort of “skidding” that can happen on an extremely smooth concrete surface. And, an exposed concrete patio is extremely attractive.

Other Options for a Calgary Concrete Patio

Perhaps you have thought of a brick patio but have been deterred by the cost. The same cost issue arises with slate surfaces or cobblestones. A great way to get any of these “looks” is to use stamped concrete. By stamping or embedding various patterns into the surface of the concrete before it cures completely, we can create the appearance of a cobblestone surface, a slate patio, or even an inlaid brick patio. This technique is so effective that it takes a trained professional eye to see that what you have is a concrete patio and not a brick, slate, or cobblestone one!

At Patriarch Construction we have decades of experience with this process. Although the idea is simple, the application requires a skill set that is learned over the years. We start by preparing and pouring the cement to your specifications. This includes preparing the subgrade, setting up and reinforcing forms, and then pouring and spreading the ready-mix concrete. At this point, we will add color if that is part of the desired effect. Now, the skilled part begins. We take advantage of a short window of opportunity to use stamped patterns to make the correct impressions on the surface of the not-yet-dry concrete. The idea is pretty basic but the key is having the crew organized and ready to stamp the concrete in the short time that is available. Then we allow the concrete patio to dry and seal it as usual.

An Impressive Calgary Concrete Patio for Great Price

The end result of our efforts with either exposed concrete or a stamped concrete surface will be a patio that will “wow” your friends and family and not empties your pocketbook. The surface will be durable and skid-resistant as well. Contact us at Patriarch Construction for help in planning and installing your concrete patio in Calgary. Patriarch Construction is A+ Rated by BBB.

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