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You’ve noticed your home siding has damaging build-up, or the time has taken a toll on its look. Now, you’ve decided you need a replacement. Comparing contractor quotes is a vital step in the journey towards repairing or replacing the siding in your home. Before getting started, you need to ensure you know all the factors that go into a siding project cost so that you can start with a reasonable estimate. On this page, we are going to discuss the main factors that influence the price of a siding job:

  1. Size 

Your home size is a significant factor that affects a siding estimate. Extra square footage will need more siding materials, which result in an increased price and longer installation time. It’s good to check your home square footage when reviewing your estimate. While you can’t change your home square footage, the siding company calculates labor costs in the square foot price when writing estimates. 

  1. Material

Quality is essential when choosing your siding material. Don’t be deceived by low-quality siding material that could end up costing you more money in replacement. Look for durable and high-quality siding material with a proven record to last for the long-term. Besides, certain types of siding materials are easier to install than others, thereby costing you less time and labor. We urge homeowners to research the type of siding material that is most suitable for their home based on maintenance, price range, and insulation times.

  1. Timing

Timing can also affect estimates, particularly in siding installation. Spring and summer are typical peak seasons for many exterior remodeling companies, so it’s best to avoid scheduling your projects during time. The good days of early fall are often the best time of the year to ask for estimates and get your project started. 

  1. Design

Your home design is another factor that decides the cost of siding replacement. How is your house designed? Is it one or two stories building? Do you have a turret? A taller, two or three-story home will require more siding materials and labor than a boxed shaped home or a one-story home. Complex designs with lots of trims and corners work may also cost more as it consumes extra material and requires more labor to complete the installation.

Homeowners Can Negotiate Price

You can negotiate with your siding contractor on the cost of the project. Discuss your budget with your siding company before signing any contract. Sign an agreement with the contractor that any unexpected project expenses will be presented in writing to keep you within your budget.

How To Get the Best Deal

To manage accurate costs for your project, you need to hire a professional siding contractor who will clearly outline your siding pricing and all of the costs involved within their proposal. This is where KV Construction Siding Contractors shines. We are upfront when it comes to siding pricing. Our goal is to stay within your budget and never compromise on the quality of work just to provide you with a low estimate.



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