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Concrete patterns

The looks of various materials such as brick, slate or cobblestone are among the most desirable in the industry. There is only one problem. These are high-end materials, so they cost more.

What if we, as your preferred Calgary concrete companies in Alberta, told you that you can have any of these looks created for a fraction of the cost? These can be achieved through the use of stamped concrete patterns. These patterns are embedded into cement that has not cured completely. You can mimic the look of brick pavers or give the appearance of grout lines. To the untrained eye, the finished product can look just as authentic as the real thing.

If you desire to create this look or any others this way, then be glad. What you are reading is coming from one of the leading Calgary concrete contractors – Patriarch Construction.

Pattern Concrete Expert!

Once you have made your pattern choice, it’s our turn. We have a great team well-equipped to create a new look for your home project through stamped patterns. Our company is in its fourth generation of family ownership, and this tradition is more than a badge – it shows in our work, from start to finish. Our time-tested techniques and innovations are considered the industry standard in these parts, as many objective critics are encouraging other contractors to follow suit. You can be certain that your stamped pattern concrete project will reflect superb craftsmanship. Get used to the word “wow”.

Patterns Done Right in Calgary by Patriarch Construction

If this idea is new to you, don’t worry. Here we will give you an overview of the stamped concrete process to show you how things will go during your project.

It begins just like any other slab pour. We prepare your sub grade, set up the forms and reinforce them, pour the ready-mix concrete and screed it. Color is then added if you have chosen one.

At this point, there is a small window of opportunity to make a good impression with the stamped patterns. We make sure the pattern plan is laid out ahead of time. Once that time comes, every possible crew member will need to be available to stamp the concrete before it dries completely.

Then, the stamped concrete is allowed to cure, after which time we will seal it.

Let Calgary’s Patriarch Construction Put Their Expertise to work

Getting that “brick paver look” on your concrete driveway or other spot doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Stamped concrete construction is more affordable than installing pavers, without any sacrifice of durability.

If you’re considering going with stamped patterns on your next concrete project, we would like to talk with you. Give us a call or send an email so we can arrange a time to meet and discuss your project in detail.

We are confident that if you decide to let us work with you on your project, you will be amazed by the results. We stake our four-generation reputation on it. Don’t forget to contact us!

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