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Concrete Garage Pads Calgary

Posted June 8 2022 : A successful garage pad construction goes through several stages, the first and most important of which involves what is called the concrete garage foundation. This is a square slab of cement that serves as the foundation upon which the garage structure will be built.

However, you know what the weather is like in Calgary, especially in the wintertime. If a concrete slab for garage is not done right during the ideal pouring months, frost and the winter, in general, can cause problems for the slab.

Done Right

We have observed that despite the existence of sound concrete techniques, not every garage pad contractor is inclined to employ them. A number of them have taken shortcuts when pouring concrete. Then the customer discovers a major crack that could have been prevented, had it been done correctly. That’s when our phone rings. Having been serving the Calgary area for many decades over four generations of family ownership, we can say one thing: We didn’t get this far by taking shortcuts! see also our Concrete patios

Calgary’s Best Trained Contractor

Patriarch Construction has been serving Calgary for several decades, spanning four generations of family owners. This legacy has earned our company an unmatched reputation, with the expertise and experience to back it up.

Our current crews are well-trained in the same methods and techniques that brought us this far, and we aren’t slowing down. We’ve also made some innovations that have kept us ahead of the competition – and keep our customers coming back.

You could say that we have “cemented” the Patriarch Construction legacy as a first-rate garage foundation contractor.

If this is the kind of expertise you are looking for, then be glad that you’re reading this article. It’s an invitation for you to consult with us about your project. You can either give us a call or send an email.

Calgary’s #1 Choice For Garage foundations

Because of the winter conditions we mentioned earlier, some advances have been made in the area of concrete slab for garage. We can do what is called an engineered concrete slab for your garage pad. Normally for detached garages, it is 30’ x 30’ in size. It would be a strong, durable foundation for your garage. Plus, it will be able to withstand the harsh winter conditions.

This design is good for both large garage pads, as well as commercial projects. We are equipped to install both, so if you are in need of either one, please contact us at your earliest convenience, and we will brainstorm your project.

Call Patriarch Construction

Pouring a concrete slab for garage correctly calls for the correct methods – and the right company. As a company, we have labored vigorously to earn the stellar decades-old reputation that we maintain to this day.

We will be glad to meet with you to see how we can help you get your new garage pad poured. If necessary, we may be able to help you fix your current garage pad if you’ve been a victim of the “shortcut mentality”. Call or email us today.

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