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We at Patriarch Construction are eager to care for all residential concrete customers, including you! With a family-owned tradition spanning many decades and four generations, we want to share our legacy for all residential concrete projects.

Your residential concrete driveway may be the first pressing project on your home maintenance list. Whether it was damaged by frost due to the brutal Calgary winters or wasn’t poured correctly, to begin with, we’ll make sure it gets done right.

When it comes to pavement choices, asphalt is one that most people gravitate toward when they are on a budget. However, it requires frequent maintenance, such as resealing every year or two. Plus, asphalt is not as robust as concrete, it has been known to get damaged easier.

For long-lasting, virtually maintenance-free residential driveway paving, we recommend concrete. Once it’s cured, you’ll only have to hose it off in the warmer months and remove snow in the winter.

Trusted & Experienced Residential Contractors

Residential paving contractors are numerous in the area, and we respect them. We want to give you the opportunity to experience service from a company that has been proving our mastery of concrete for decades.

That experience has made us one of theconstruction companies in Calgary. We hold ourselves to a very high standard that has been handed down to the staff and crews over the years.

There’s “a lot on the menu” in the way of concrete contractors Calgary. However, you don’t get too many chances to make the right choice for a concrete company in Calgary.

Moving on to a different subject, we want to talk briefly about concrete repair. It’s important to note that repairing concrete, such as a crack, is not as simple as squeezing more concrete into the crack.

We do not repair concrete this way. To do it right, you need to get to the heart of the issue. We cut out damaged sections and pour new ones, matching and levelling them with the existing concrete. That is the best way to perform a concrete crack repair.

Of course, to make way for the new cement, we need to get the old out. So concrete removal is always a part of the project plan. Our crew, use jackhammers, sledgehammers and other equipment to break up the old cement and then haul it away from the job site, which eventually gets recycled.

With a clean space to work with, we can then create the forms according to the design and pour the concrete.

Get the job done right the first time. For your next residential project call us at (403) 862-0449.

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