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Basement Concrete Calgary

If you’re building a new home or rebuilding after massive flood damage, turn to Patriarch Construction to pour your concrete basement Calgary. We at Patriarch Construction have been specializing in concrete basement construction for 4 generations.With a legacy like this, you can be sure that we know our concrete.

Basements With the Expert Touch by Patriarch Construction Calgary

We have perfected many techniques and brought new innovations to the industry. This has put us on the Calgary concrete map and spurred us on to become a top concrete basement contractor. If you were to ask people where to go for pouring a basement, our name should come up in the conversation.If it has, don’t hesitate to give us a call or send us an email. Let a top-rated concrete basement builder help you with your project.

Patriarch Construction – Calgary’s #1 Basement Contractor

We have worked hard for this reputation, and we will continue working hard to keep it. It is no accident that we are a stand-out concrete contractor in Calgary. Many people have stated that we have raised the bar in the concrete industry, setting a standard for other concrete contractors to follow. So if you have heard our name, let us know when you call us for your poured concrete floors.

Call Patriarch Construction Calgary For Large Basement Projects

A number of our customers live in concrete slab houses. This requires a concrete slab foundation, something that can easily be done with the same precision and quality as a foundation.

If a large concrete floor is needed, in the case of warehouses, we can do a poured concrete floor. As to longevity, you can be sure that our floors are going to be around for a good long time.

When a smooth surface is required, we can also pour cement basements, which are different than concrete. Concrete is cement mixed with rocks. With cement, the rocks are left out. So if your project requires cement, when you call us, be careful not to tell us that you want concrete, and vice versa.

Contact Patriarch Construction Calgary For Your Small Basement Projects

There are also smaller concrete projects that need to be done inside a home or business. We have often poured a concrete pad over a small area of an existing basement floor. This is where a furnace, water heater or water softener may be installed to sit a few inches above the floor. We will produce a good result from pre-slab to post-slab.

On the subject of slabs and floors, you might have guessed that concrete flat work is no stretch for us at all, and you’d be right. This should tell you that your confidence in us will not be misplaced.

Contact us today so we can arrange and complete your smaller basement project.

We have only scratched the surface as to what we can do for you. No matter how large or difficult your project may be, it is virtually a “done deal” to us. So whatever concrete or cement work needs to be done in your home, turn to a premier, Calgary cement basement builder, Patriarch Construction.

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