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Concrete Removal Calgary

When it comes to concrete, Calgary is home to several concrete removal companies. However, if you have a major project that involves removing old concrete from your home why not work with one of the best long-standing companies in the city?

Patriarch Construction – Calgary’s Go-To Contractor For Breakout & Haul Away

We at Patriarch Construction have been a family-owned and operated construction company for 4 generations. With that amount of experience, we have done it all, and that includes concrete demolition. We have also earned a first-rate reputation as a result. With our Bobcats, jackhammers and human muscle, we are well-equipped for breakout-and-haul-away work. Call us today if you are looking to have some concrete demo done as part of your next project.

Breakout & Haul Away Done Right by Patriarch Construction Calgary

“It’s a dirty job, but someone has to do it.” This is so true when you’re talking about breakout and haul away. We at Patriarch Construction, however, are not afraid of dirty jobs.

This dirty work is necessary in order to clear the way for your new concrete project, whether it’s basements, steps, staircases, sidewalks or any number of others.

If you work with us, as soon as the concrete removal is complete, you will be in for a treat. Our crew has received the best training in the industry, the legacy of four generations of cement wizardry. The results will amaze you.

If you’re interested in time-honored quality for your next concrete project, including CONCRETE DEMOLITION AND REPAIR, give us a call today.

Call Calgary’s First-Rate Contractor, Patriarch Construction For Breakout & Haul Away

When the word “concrete” is mentioned, many people tend to think about exterior concrete work. However, many homes, aside from the basement, have other concrete inside their home. For example, furnaces, water heaters and other utility units may be installed on a raised concrete slab.

For these projects, interior demolition is necessary. Performing this work inside may be on a smaller scale than the outside. All the same, it can be just as dirty and chaotic. Therefore, we will work hard to make quick work of it, to the extent possible.

Once the concrete slab removal is finished, the way is clear for our team to come in to pour and craft your new slab. You will be quite pleased with the results when we are finished.

Of course, this is only one possible service we can perform for you inside your home. If you have an inside concrete project that requires INTERIOR DEMOLITION, please contact us to discuss it.

Quality Breakout & Haul Away by Calgary’s Own – Patriarch Construction

People often say that “you get what you pay for”. The implication is that if you pay for quality, you should get quality, whatever price you pay. Realistically, that is not happening with all concrete contractors.

We, however, don’t just promise quality – we deliver quality. We know that you don’t want your hard-earned dollars to be spent on a substandard job that will have to be done over later. We will perform the job right – and exceed your expectations – the first time.

As a top-rated concrete demolition company, it is our aim to provide you with the best service possible. In fact, our family-owned tradition dictates that it is our responsibility. So before you begin calling companies around Calgary, put our number at the top of your list. We are confident that you won’t have to make another call.

So make that call today. We will discuss your project and get things moving forward.

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